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How to Stop Hemorrhoids from Bleeding

How to stop hemorrhoids bleeding? It is one of the most important issues for those suffering from bleeding hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids result in great pain and suffering and the person feels great difficulty while sitting, driving and even while sleeping with the buttocks facing down. To make the matter worse, hemorrhoids may also result in bleeding while passing of stools.


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The main reason behind hemorrhoids bleeding is the straining of the bowels that passes through enlarged blood vessels of the rectum that further causing stress. There is an irritation and friction due to passage of dry stools. It is evident from the blood present on the toilet bowl and tissue paper. Although this issue seems to be serious but there are certain remedies for how to stop hemorrhoids bleeding.



There is no medicine that can cure hemorrhoids instantly from its root. Topical creams and over the counter drugs are only meant to provide temporary relief. Stool softeners are effective to some extent and can be applied for easy passage of stools through anus. If there is excessive bleeding cold water or ice should be used on hemorrhoids to stop the bleeding and inflammation. Apple cider vinegar should be used regularly to stop hemorrhoids from bleeding. Use soft tissue paper to wipe the hemorrhoids after using toilet as it prevents irritation.

If you want to get relief from hemorrhoids, you need to change your lifestyle including diet and eating habits. Try to include fiber rich diet as much as possible as it makes the stool soft there by reducing the chances of bleeding. Drink plenty of water as it prevents constipation and hardening of stools. Topical ointment and prescribed medicines by the doctor along with change in life style would certainly cure hemorrhoids to great extent.