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How to treat Hemorrhoids: Get the Information

How to Cure Mild Hemorrhoids

There are people who suffer from occasional or mild hemorrhoids symptoms leading to the inflammation of the rectal veins. It is generally common during pregnancy and gets healed once the gestation period is over. In some cases lack of proper diet also leads to such hemorrhoids and are not so severe as compared to external and thrombosed hemorrhoids. It can also be cured easily if you change your life style with eating habits without extensive medical treatment.


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People who are obese, pregnant and suffering from constipation are more likely to have hemorrhoids. But not to worry, as such hemorrhoids exists temporarily and are referred as mild hemorrhoids. Home remedies and some precautions can reduce the symptoms of pain and discomfort associated with the hemorrhoids



Treatment for Mild Hemorrhoids

There are several treatment options including natural and home remedies that are enough to reduce the flaring symptoms. If proper care and precautions are taken hemorrhoids with mild symptoms can be cured within a week. Soaking the hemorrhoids in bucket or container having warm water is effective in reducing the hemorrhoids flare-ups and overcoming the inflammation and irritation.

Use of witch hazel is important as it acts as it has natural astringent properties used for cleaning the area around anus. Cotton soaked in witch hazel solution should be applied on the inflamed area several times a day. The surrounding area should be kept cleaned and dried as much as possible. It results in the mild hemorrhoids to shrink down and reduce in size greatly.

Diet rich in fiber should be eaten as it promotes the bowel movement and prevents constipation, a major cause for hemorrhoids to develop. Drinking plenty of water also prevents constipation and makes the stool soft. Hard stools exert pressure on the rectal veins and may cause hemorrhoids. However, if there is no improvement in the symptoms, consult a doctor as conditions may get severe.