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Thanks to Venapro, as many doctors said that i will have to go through major surgery, but due to Venapro I have got my hemorrhoids solved and i am fit and fine. Thanks, JOHN, UK

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Hemorrhoids Diet

Healthy food is need for everybody whether you are suffering from hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids or not. Healthy diet gives you healthy life style. Hemorrhoid/Hemorrhoids Diet is definitely a right choice to remove hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids. You must use high-fiber diet to prevent hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids. High Fiber diet keeps stool soft and removes pressure in smooth bowel movements. When you use diet rich in fiber with water is very good for abdomen. You must drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. It is expert suggested that you must take 20 to 35 grams fiber per day. But is also recommended that don’t use more than 35 grams because it can create much larger pressure on bowel.


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If you are prone to hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids and you want to remove it, then using of right hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids diet is the best option that you should follow. If you are suffering from hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids then you must use fiber daily in your food. Hemorrhoids Diet can surely help you to prevent present hemorrhoids and further reappearance too. To increase fiber in your diet Use of more and more natural foods like breads, bran cereals, leafy vegetables and fruits are necessary. You should drink more and more water because it not only helpful in fiber making process but it also made your stool soft and removes pressure on the bowel movement. You should not use processed food because it conserves a little fiber. After the dependence on fast food, this disease is increasing day-by-day. Why America is suffering more from this disease because developed nations are more using fast food.


Why hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids are no more in developing and poor countries. Fibers are not founded in fast food in sufficient quantities that help the intestine to pass stool smoothly. This is the main factor of excessive strain in the rectum during bowel movement. The meaning of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids diet means keep away from food which cause digestive problem. You should use those foods which contain more fiber. You can use all of the following fiber food.

•  Whole-grain foods and breads.

•  Fresh fruits

•  Dried or stewed fruits.

•  Root vegetables like reddish, carrots, turnips or potatoes.

•  Raw or fresh vegetables like cabbage, spinach.