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How to treat Hemorrhoids: Get the Information

Facts about Hemorrhoids

It is important to know certain facts about hemorrhoids to clear any doubts and myths regarding it. Hemorrhoids are not fatal or life threatening but should not be ignored as it can cause real trouble while sitting, walking and passage of stools. Some of the contributing factors for the hemorrhoids to develop are sedentary life style and improper eating habits that is quite common in this modern time.


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Generally, middle aged people experience hemorrhoids so it can be concluded that increasing age is one of the reasons for hemorrhoids. Chronic constipation causes increased pressure on the rectal veins around anus, with the inflammation of the veins that hangs out of the anus. Obesity and lifting of the heavy objects are some other factors for the hemorrhoids to occur.



If basic facts about hemorrhoids are known, it can really help a great deal in preventing it in the future. As mentioned above, hemorrhoids are caused due to improper diet. Now what does this mean? Diet or food that lacks fibers causes constipation and difficulty in passage of stools. This may cause straining of the rectal veins and leading to its severe inflammation.

The hard and dried stool further damages the inflamed veins that causes bleeding. Drinking of water is important as it keeps the body hydrated and prevents constipation. It is considered better to prevent hemorrhoids than to work on its remedies and treatment. There is no such treatment that can cure hemorrhoids instantly. Hemorrhoids cream and over the counter drugs give relief temporarily.

Unfortunately, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, look for homeopathic remedies like Venapro as it does not have adverse effects even if it is used for extended period of time. These were some basic hemorrhoids facts which one must know for keeping hemorrhoids away.