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How to treat Hemorrhoids: Get the Information

External Hemorrhoids: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

External hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids are developed around the anus and usually more painful than other hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids. It is more painful because the skin around them is more sensitive. Sometimes external hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids occur slight bleeding. You can watch it as red blood on the toilet paper after straining to pass the stool. Some times a vein in an external hemorrhoids breaks. It might pool under the skin, forming a hard and painful lump. It is also called clotted hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids. The main reason behind external hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids is straining of vein of anal opening. Paining, burning and itching are the symptoms of external hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids. Natural hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids treatment is the best options of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids patient because it gives you immediate relief in a short period of time.


Some of the common causes of external hemorrhoids:

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  • Straining with bowel movements
  • Diarrhea
  • continuous sitting
  • heavy weight lifting
  • sitting in toilet for a long time
  • pregnancy
  • infection in anal



Symptoms of external hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids

•  Red blood in the stool

•  Pain around the anus

•  Rectal itching

•  Lump at the anus

Hemorrhoid/Hemorrhoid treatment

Hemorrhoid/Hemorrhoids are a common disease nowadays. Prevention of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids is the best and effective options to reduce hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids. Warm bath, use of Ice Pack, pressure over affected area and fiber rich are some remedies which you can use in your home. There are many options of external hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids treatment like hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids surgery, hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids medications and hemorrhoids cream. Herbal and homeopathic treatment is more effective in a short period of time. Herbal remedy is made from a medicinal plants and use to stop and ailments of diseases or to promote health medicinal.