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How to treat Hemorrhoids: Get the Information

Hemorrhoids Cause-Symptoms

There are many causes of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids like swollen and irritated veins in the anus and lower rectum. It is a common problem nowadays. Mostly women are affecting in the period of pregnancy because of direct pressure on veins. Straining with bowel movements is also big problem of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids which is caused by constipation or hard stools. Some of the common caused of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids are:


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  • diarrhea
  • constant sitting
  • sitting on the toilet for a long time
  • childbirth
  • pressure of the fetus in pregnant women
  • heavy lifting
  • familial tendency
  • obesity



Hemorrhoid/Hemorrhoids are increasing because of diet and straining on the toilet. Use of bad food leads to constipation and it leads to straining on the toilet. You should avoid more processed food because it contributes to hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids. Use of modern toilet can increase strain.

Hemorrhoid/Hemorrhoids symptoms

Rectal bleeding, paining around the anus and rectum, irritation and itching, rubbing the anus are main symptoms of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids . There are two types of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids, external or internal. If hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids are developing around the rim of anus means it is and external Symptoms . Paining, burning and itching are the symptoms of external hemorrhoids. Some time external hemorrhoids cut off from blood supply and become painful lump, it is also called thrombosed hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids. You can absorb streak of blood on the toilet paper after straining to pass a stool.

Internal hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids are more dangerous than external. It develops inside the anus. It is usually painless. The main symptoms of internal hemorrhoids are bleeding during a bowel movement. Internal hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids appear like small masses out side the anus. There are four stage of tissue prolapsed into anal canal. In the first stage it just bleeds but do not prolapse. In the second stage hemorrhoids that prolapsed with straining on their own. In the third stage it requires manual reduction and fourth stage hemorrhoid/hemorrhoids that chronically prolapsed and, if reducible, fall out again.