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How to treat Hemorrhoids: Get the Information

Banding Hemorrhoids

Banding Hemorrhoids was discovered by Hippocrates in 460 BC. He wrote about the surgical process of tying or ligating the threads around the HEMROIDS / HEMORRHOIDS. It is a technique of rubber band ligation. The rubber band increased its popularity in the nineteenth century. In this technique the hemorrhoids get painfully tying off around the sensitive tissues and it fell to the disuse. After this discovery the modern technique has come by Barron in 1963.


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This technology used the modern way for banding hemorrhoids. In this process there are several methods include. Fist one is Pre- operative medications. In this procedures first of all patients have not to take the medications that can cause bleeding like Coumadin and aspirin. If the patients get the steroids medications or have the immune system deficiency, the pre- operative antibiotics are generally used and the pain killer also prescribed in the high level anxiety.



The second steps of banding hemorrhoids are Enema. In this situation the rectum get clear for any stool. In this surgery, the anal canal is inserted by the lubricated and warmed proctoscope. The rubber band is applied to the piles. The local anesthesia is used to reduce the post banding pain. The whole procedures are done under the doctor’s treatment. If the pain will too much after the surgery the medicines are injected inside the banded HEMROIDS / HEMORRHOIDS to shrink them.

The banding hemorrhoids take the recovery time for one to four days and provide reliefs from the discomfort. It is also used in Thrombosed HEMROIDS / HEMORRHOIDS. And the risk is very minor. It has brought relief about millions of people. But, this process is not recommended in the external hemorrhoids case.

After the banding hemorrhoids surgery patients have to keep themselves in the hospital. The doctor watches the condition to get free from the HEMROIDS / HEMORRHOIDS as soon as possible. And catch the things for providing the best treatment to cure it. The medicated prescription is also recommended to the patient. Such as taking local anesthetic ointments, witch hazel compresses, warm sitz baths or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.