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Are Hemorrhoids Contagious?

Many people are curious to know are hemorrhoids contagious? Actually hemorrhoids have turned out to be so common that people are worried and wonder what makes them so wide spread. But you will be relieved to know that hemorrhoids are not at all contagious and you will not have hemorrhoids from others.


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The main reason for the cause of hemorrhoids is improper life style and lack of fibers in your diet. Other factors that are instrumental in playing role for hemorrhoids include aging, chronic constipation or diarrhea, pregnancy and lifting of heavy objects. Constipation causes stress on the rectal veins and makes it enlarged. It results in inflammation of the adjoining veins around the rectum and anus.



In severe cases, bleeding may occur which is one of the symptoms of bleeding hemorrhoids. Obesity can also lead to hemorrhoid as it exerts pressure on the pelvic region that causes enlargement of the rectal veins. However it does not spread by physical contact and if there is any doubt that are hemorrhoids contagious? Well, the answer is No, certainly not as hemorrhoids cannot spread from physical contact.

Since prevention is better than cure and as far as the remedies or precautions are concerned, keeping your body hydrated by in taking plenty of water and other fluids is important. It prevents constipation, a main factor responsible for constipation. Moreover eating green leafy vegetables rich in fibers promotes easy bowel movement and acts as natural stool softener.

Avoid carbonated drinks like soda water as it leads to excessive gas formation and leads to gastro-intestinal problems. Change in lifestyle is considered good and one should have regular physical activities or exercise to be fit and healthy. Sedentary life style may lead to hemorrhoids which should be avoided at any cost.